Welcome to DCP Engineering Inc.


DCP Engineering Inc. is a leading independent well site engineering consulting company with a global experience. Our personnel strive to maximize efficiencies and provide solutions based recommendations to our clients in regular and complex drilling, completions and production operations.

We work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs and apply personalized engineering programs through collaborative, transparent and effective communication. DCP Engineering Inc. utilizes new technologies to provide accurate planning, drilling simulations and programs right from the start. Through our custom designed methodology, DCP Engineering Inc. is able to provide reduction in drilling time and effective cost control for our clients. From well planning to production, DCP Engineering Inc. provides engineering services, well site supervision and oversight, while maintaining the out-most safety awareness.

Our expertise includes the latest innovation and operating practices, covering many years of experience throughout the globe, performing challenging projects in Canada, France, Russia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Syria, Kazakhstan and Libya.



DCP Engineering’s specialized consulting services enable our oil and gas clients to identify shortfalls and recognize the potential for improvement and optimization of their operations. We specialize in drilling, completions and production work, which also include the construction and safety components of operations. Our highly qualified experts have an in-depth knowledge of the needs, as well as best practices required in the upstream oil and gas sector. Whether you require basic consulting services, need our help with resolving complex technical or operational issues and modelling, we can help.

With many years of experience, we have an excellent track record of providing our clients with significant improvements and cost savings for their various projects. Our highly qualified staff and contractors, understand the importance of continues improvements and the use of technology to streamline operations, reduce cost and improve efficiencies for our clients.

Well Site Supervision

It can be difficult to find qualified, experienced and competent well site supervisors for your local and international projects. Through our diverse network of highly qualified consultants, we provide our clients with very specific supervisory help that’s right for the complexity of their operation, environment and location. We strategically allocate consultants based on their experience, qualifications and project understanding.  DCP Engineering is committed to providing superior services to all of clients and we ensure that by contracting only qualified, professional and safety-oriented consultants that are well suited to the job at hand. 

DCP Engineering maintains records of all of our consultants’ documentation to ensure that general liability insurance, WCB coverage and required tickets meet industry requirements.

Commitment to Safety

DCP Engineering Inc. is committed to the protection of life, property and environment in all that we seek to achieve as an active engineering company. Accordingly, our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our employees, consultants and all others involved or impacted by our operations.

For our part, the DCP Engineering is committed to seeking every reasonable means to provide a safe work environment; for employing and contracting personnel with skills, training and equipment required to complete jobs in a safe manner; and for using these practices and procedures, which meet or exceed regulatory or recognized industry standards. DCP Engineering encourages the active participation and support of our employees and consultants in promoting and implementing an effective safety program.