DCP Engineering Inc. is a privately-owned company which was formed in 2015 by a coalition of technical and operational experts, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We offer the security and knowledge that oil and gas companies need to survive in a high-paced and competitive industry.

DCP Engineering Inc. helps companies plan, execute and deliver the upstream exploration and development activities. Primarily focused on flawless execution, we are committed to building exceptional, long-standing relationships with every engagement. Many of our designs and ideas are equal to or above the industry-standard, driven by the needs of our clients.

From regulatory, licensing, well site construction, drilling, completions and production, DCP Engineering Inc. has the right tools to help you accelerate, stand-out and move ahead with confidence.


Our holistic approach to wellbore construction, combined with our proven technical limits process, reduces the risk, time and cost of wells, thereby increasing confidence in delivery.  DCP Engineered wells enjoy improved tool reliability, dependable hole cleaning and few welfare instability problems.

Our experienced personnel have worked around the world for Independent and Major Oil Companies, in their offices and on their rig sites. Our principle directors are veterans in the oil and gas industry and lead by example to provide our clients the best engineering, operation and management services possible.

We pride ourselves on detailing what is required for an opportunity to be successful, with a can-do approach. With our help, our clients then have the objective information needed to assess whether the opportunity’s risk & cost profile is consistent with their guidelines.  Our recommendations are driven by what is required to deliver a successful project and based on proven engineering.