Our Mission


DCP Engineering’s mission is to be a leading engineering company in North America by utilizing innovative technologies, competent personnel and sound safety practices; enabling the company to provide exceptional customer service and maximize profits to our clients and stakeholders


Our Values

Leadership: DCP Engineering directors and top leadership is committed to excellence and continuous improvement.  Hands-on involvement by management and a lead by example attitude, allows DCP Engineering to identify, adopt, and adjust quickly to changes in the business environment and clients’ needs.


Integrity: We value our business and the trust placed on us by our clients, stakeholders and our community.  DCP Engineering conducts its business in an ethical, fair, and courteous manner, as we strive to build long terms relationships with our clients and stakeholder, based on collaboration, honesty and mutual respect.


Safety and the Environment: DCP Engineering is committed to customer service excellence, while maintaining a safe work environment.  We believe in a zero incident work environment buy implementing a company wide safety culture, which is based on teamwork, safety leadership, regular safety training and improved safety procedures.


Communication: We understand the importance of effective communication within our company, with our clients and other stakeholder. DCP Engineering corporate structure allows for open communication across all business channels, as well as full accountability and responsiveness to the ever changing needs of our industry, clients and stakeholders.


Continuous Improvement: DCP Engineering believes that a culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration, allows for continuous improvements on a personal and corporate levels.  Our continuous improvement to our business practices includes regular reviews and evaluations of our work processes and feedback to and from our clients and stakeholders.