Whether we are completing feasibility studies, solving wellbore instability problems avoiding costly rig upgrades with clever engineering, passing on our experience or ensuring trouble free operations, our success is gained through that of our clients.

DCP Engineering’s experience is that 80% of drilling problems are avoidable, existing equipment can drill beyond its perceived limit by applying various engineering “tricks” and that the softer issues of crew knowledge & training are of comparable importance to engineering design and equipment reliability in delivering complex wells.

All of our services are driven by a back to basics engineering approach. Our recommendations are based on available facts using data trends and relevant experience to avoid any emotional bias. There is no room for drilling myths.  The key to success is through a collaborative effort in pursuit of a common goal. Drilling the perfect well involves the input and desire from all the stakeholders involved. Ensuring the right people are in involved is your guarantee for success. Our aim is to provide our clients with optimal decision strategies and development plans based on sound and trusted engineering.

Our best results are through a full cycle process involving:

  • Benchmarking,
  • Planning,
  • Execution and,
  • Optimization

DCP Engineering’s unique method of applying a technical limits approach with risk management techniques yielded significant improvements in “standard” horizontal wells through application of learning from complex wells.  As an independent group we are not exposed to conflict of interests during tool selection or problem review, a problem that is growing quietly as independent suppliers become scarcer and margins are tighter.


From grass roots exploration to full scale infill programs, we hold on a continuous improvement mindset.  Integration of the drilling discipline early in a projects conception ensures that your highest risked capital will be spent with confidence.  We specialize in finding solutions to complex drilling problems thereby, reducing your risk in a complex and variable environment.

• Preparation

Applying for well licences/permits
Ensure true value from contractors and vendors through procurement strategies

• Execution

Alignment of all drilling services for operations
Providing certified well site supervisors
Management of daily drilling operations
Operational invoice review and approval
Documentation of end of well reports
Submission of all regulatory information

• Optimization

Evaluate execution time – focus on improving predictability
Establish operational performance goals, based on benchmarking
Prepare optimization report for integration in continuous improvement


DCP Engineering’s unique method of integrating a technical limits process with risk management techniques has yielded substantial improvements in standard horizontal wells. In single well projects this presents itself as performance certainty and reduced non-productive time, whilst multi well projects initiates a continuous improvement plan.  We are your source for unbiased assessments of current or planned operations and make recommendations aligned with your objectives, whether it’s to increase efficiency, reliability or simply reduce cost.

• Advanced Well Programming & Design

Off and Onshore Extended Reach (ERD)
High Temperature/High Pressure (HTHP)
Underbalanced (UBD)
Managed Pressure (MPD)
Sag D
Cyclic Steam
Relief Well Design
Sour/Critical Sour

• Optimization Analytics

Problem Review
Peer Review
Risk & Reliability

• Rig Selection Criteria
• Casing Design
• BHA Design
• Pore Pressure/Frac Gradient Prediction
• Cementing Recommendation
• Mud Recommendation
• Directional Recommendation
• Torque and Drag
• Risk Hazard Assessment
• Kick Tolerance
• HTHP Recommendation
• MPD/UBD Recommendation